Who is MMB Media LLC

Who is MMB Media LLC?

MMB Media LLC is an entity made up of seasoned publishing executives, with a combined 50+ years in publishing experience. Their expertise covers Rights acquisitive, Rights management, sales, marketing, finance and operations of both physical and digital publishing assets.

What does MMB Media LLC do>

What does MMB Media LLC do?

MMB Media LLC is in the business of owning and operating micro/niche publishing companies that specialize in the english language audiobook marketplace. The overarching mission for each of these companies is to maximize profitability and generate long term value and growth from the company’s asset base.

WWhere does MMB Operate?

Where does MMB Operate?

MMB Media LLC is headquartered and operates from the United States, but has global sales, marketing and rights acquisition reach.

Portfolio Companies

Insatiable Press

Founded with the goal of providing high-quality erotica, erotic romance and romance audiobooks and ebooks, Insatiable Press offers a wide array of sensual fiction and nonfiction titles. Collaborating with premiere authors and publishers, Insatiable Press aims to deliver a superior listening experience for erotica and romance lovers everywhere. This company, founded in 2012 became the first MMB Media portfolio company via acquisition in 2014. After a much needed capital injection, it continues to grow and expand its title base well over 200 titles.

Vibrance Press

Founded in 2015, Vibrance Press offers the finest audiobooks in the areas of personal growth, development, inspiration, nutrition and health, skills and self-help. We provide the books that will help you put your best foot forward toward tomorrow.

This company was established as a start-up company in 2015 as it became apparent that there is a need for additional personal growth and development titles in the audio marketplace.

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